Get Your own Domain Name

by on May.26, 2005, under Tech Tips

I’m sure everyone would agree that its nice to have your own name on your email or website rather than whatever random string you were forced to use when you signed up to hotmail or your webhost, stephen197857342934754875389 @ just isnt very memorable (oh and I just that up so if anyone actually has that address sorry). Instead you could get something like, you can actually replace the webmaster with anything you like, I just chose it because its the one I publish here. Of course the domain (bit after the @) would be the address you keep your web pages, your name or a name you like. Its a lot easier for you and your friends to remember an if you’re a company you definitely want to get your own ID on the net.
These provide cheap domain registration, this includes total control of the domain, you get have control over where where website is and where your email goes, you can forward your domain using a redirect to your ISP’s hosting pages or point the DNS entry to the server. Email can be forwarded to any email address or you can set the MX record to be your mail host, if you have these services available.
They also provide at a small fee web site hosting and mail hosting, so you don’t even have to sign up to someone else.

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