Room redecoration

by on Feb.04, 2007, under News

This weekend I’ve been evicted from my room, so it can be redecorated. Had to move everything off my desk and shelves so obviously I’ve had to move my computer, which is now set up on my brother’s desk with 2 monitors connected 🙂

Looks good I can now play wow and log into MSN and not not have alt-tab to see if anyone’s talking, so I may be visibly online a bit more now.

As for the decoration, I have no idea what colour I want the walls or carpet, my rooms only small and there’s not a lot of wall space or floor space visible.  So I’m after suggestions, my furniture’s a light grey or off white, with a darker grey trim, and my bedding and curtains are black predominantly black, oh and my door’s white and probably wont change either.
I’ll be getting coving at the top which could also have a different colour. I’m not sure if the ceiling colour can be changed but I don’t see why not 🙂

So any suggestions?

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