DVD piracy notices

by on Nov.11, 2008, under Rant

Am I the only person that these annoy?

Fair enough on a rental, a notice saying this is a rental please don’t copy/sell me

but you buy a dvd, and the first thing your forced to sit through is the don’t copy, sell, rent, broadcast, show in public etc, you may only watch this dvd alone in a seeled windows roomwith no chance of anyone seeing it, because if we found out a second person saw this dvd without buying it then you’d be in for a huge fine

I don’t want messages like that, I bought the dvd to watch the movie or whatever’s on it not to be threatened by some faceless group, and most have the dvd locked so you can’t skip them to get to the menu

At least back in the days of video, you could fast forward through the threats, and then the trailers to get to the actual show

And trailers? whats the point? coming soon to cinemas/dvd, what if the dvd was bought a few years after what’s being advertised, not only is the information out of date, but its probably irrelevant too, I didn’t buy a dvd to be advertised at, I bought it to watch whats on after, again on a rental not such a problem if they’re kept up to date and were also available or you might also like… but on a dvd that I’ve payed for I want what I’ve payed for, not threats and adverts especially not ones I cant skip

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