More stuff I want or need

by on Jan.30, 2010, under News

I’m planning on buying all this myself in the next few months, so doesn’t want to be on the wishlist.

As this is the internet I’m starting with computer stuff

  • A new 1TB+ HDD, I have 3 drives at the min its a bit silly, I’m tempted to get 2 or 3 and RAID them but cant decide if I should stripe or mirror, might need a RAID card to do RAID5
  • Keyboard and mouse, my current ones are a little worn and faded
  • A ram cooler, my custom balanced fan’s working but a bit unstable
  • 5.1 surround speaker, I really want  a centre speaker

Snowboard stuff

  • A helmet with built in speakers
  • New Goggles
  • New Gloves
  • Would like a new board too, as mines getting a little old and is probably time to become a wall decoration

I guess I need a new source of income to pay for all this too!

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