Spicy BBQ Chicken Omelette

by on Apr.03, 2013, under Food


Spicy BBQ chicken Omelette

After my flapjack crumbpocalypse, here’s proof I can cook 🙂 (and maybe proof I can’t take a good photo) my hand may have slightly slipped with the chilly flakes I added though, it had a little more of a bite than I was planning.

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I Won a TV!!! :)

by on Apr.03, 2013, under News

42 Inches of awesome, best £1 I spent 🙂

Turns out you can get a 42″ TV in a Fiat 500, its just not easy. Just need to get it upstairs n figure out what to do with the 32″ one in my room. Or I might be nice n replace the parents 42″ HD ready one, hmm, nahh I’m keeping it!

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Totally failed attempt to use Linux

by on Jan.05, 2013, under Computer

So I decided today that I’d try out the Steam for Linux Beta.

This involved installing Linux, as the Steam client is designed for Ubuntu that’s what I went to install just to avoid any compatibility issues.

So as you can install Ubuntu in 3 ways (4 if you include as a virtual machine) I decided I’d go with the easier none destructive install where it creates its own kinda Virtual Machine. Well this just didn’t work and maybe I should have stopped there.

I hen tried to install it along side of Windows, and this also failed as it couldn’t find Windows and just wanted to wipe my disks, which I didn’t really want to do yet.

I I find out how to make Windows show up again, a quick reboot, and a command and it detects windows, select to install along side of windows. Straight forward enough.

But no it neglects to offer me that all important “which of these 2 drives would you like me to resize to make room?” option, and decides it’s going to install on my nice fast SSD (where I didn’t really want it).

Short wait, the install finishes, its really quite fast. Computer reboots and within seconds I’ve got a desktop, its fast, I mean really fast!

So now to follow the installation instructions, download Steam and set up my Graphics.

So as soon as I set the graphic drivers I need and restart to load them, pretty much all the important things stopped working, no task bar no Ubuntu equivalent of a start menu. all gone, and Steam only worked with the stock slow clunky drivers, but I suspect that’s because the faster proprietary Nvidia drivers broke too much of my system.

So Ubuntu just plain doesn’t work for me, back to Windows at least everything still works there and I’ll try again later.


I have no Windows install, Ubuntu only decided to wipe my SSD, instead of installing along side windows it installed OVER windows!

So Ubuntu, Pro: Its mega fast 🙂 Con: it doesn’t work and overwrites windows!

So yeah, I now have Windows re-installed, thanks to having the disks and everything that matters is reconfigured thanks to just about everything being synced into various clouds, and all my local data was stored on a different drive so only software re-installs, no big losses 🙂

Looks like for now I’ll still be using Windows, soon maybe I’ll be able to switch over to Linux where it promises to be faster, but till everything’s ported and I can get it to work I’ll stick with Windows, at least it works for me.

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Blog plans for the new year

by on Dec.29, 2012, under Site News

I’ve decided I’m going to try to blog more, tell everyone about stuff, sometimes there’s just more to say than you can fit in a facebook wall post, or a tweet.

Firstly I think its time for a new theme. Second pictures, everyone likes to see pictures, I always have my phone and its camera is pretty good, so maybe if I take more photos I’ll have more to write about. Stuff to write about? I guess to have something to write about I need to do stuff, I have a holiday coming up so that’s a starting point.

Probably a little late trying to start this up again, its like everyone does vlogs on YouTube instead of writing words on a website, but I’m going to give this a shot as I definitely wont be making any videos, unless its something I film while out to show as part of this.

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Room upgrade All Done.

by on May.21, 2012, under News

Its been a while but I’ve finally got a better room.
It was done in a few stages so took longer than a simple redecoration, partly because it involved changing rooms and partly because there was a lot to do and I have a lot of stuff, but its finally done.

The first stage of my upgrade, involved emptying as much as possible of my new room, to make room for new built in wardrobes and a new desk. The wardrobes are built in, with sliding doors hiding drawers and shelves, a hanging area, and room for my snowboard. The desk’s just a big desk with built in drawers and a computer bay.

Stage 2 was to make room in my old room for the bed and wardrobe that had to come out of my new. This involved the complete removal of my old wardrobes desk and cupboards, after moving everything out of them first obviously.

Stage 3 was once everything was out and my stuff in, to connect everything up properly, my computers connected to the TV working as a DVD player and console. As part of the wiring everything up, I’ve got myself a 5.1 surround system as my old 4.1 speakers wouldn’t fit the room.

Stage 4 is my book case and TV stand, the last thing needed to fit all my stuff properly.

Not really as part of the room improvements, but I’ve also got a new Virgin Media Tivo box and internet upgraded to 60Mbps (that’s your average mp3 downloaded in under 1s), they claim its so fast YouTube video’s will never buffer, never had a buffer problem with the 10mb so nothing special there, but new games download in under an hour so that’s good :). The Tivo’s pretty good a nice upgrade over the V+, the TV guide looks better and its quite responsive, series linking is better as you can tell it to only record new episodes and ignore repeats. Sothat’s pretty good, oh and its plugged into the sound system so the Tv sounds pretty good 🙂

So yeah bigger room, better Tv, PC as a console, I think I’ve all the tech kit I need 🙂 Maybe some computer upgrades for a little more power and speed but I don’t really need them yet. And to finish off a bit of art for the walls as I’ve gained quite a bit more wall space than I used to have.


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