Doh, "Hacked"!

by on Jan.11, 2008, under Site News

Well its official, my website is amazing, obviously the “hackers” found my site by searching for something, and then also found a nice unpached hole in wordpress or one of its plugins and exploited that to gain access to the server, or possibly just found a hole on my hosts systems and exploited that, either way I gained some files that shouldnt have been there.

Thanks to my hosts they’ve now gone, and I cant find anything else that shouldnt be there 🙂

so I’ve had a clean out and an upgrade of everything upgradeable

the “” are because the “hackers were probably just script kiddies using a true hackers code to get in, and I’m totally misusing hacker too, oh well nevermind 🙂

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  • Andy Bell

    I’m sorry to hear about that Shutty. I have a few wordpress sites which aren’t running the latest versions. I’m in the process of converting to the one-click install version of WordPress provided by my host as this will allow me to update each one with a single click of the mouse rather than having to ftp updated files and do the manual install.

  • Stephen

    it wasn’t coz I hadn’t got round to upgrading its because the cpanel 1 click update thing is always a bit behind and I was waiting for that, instead theres an auto updater plugin which I’ve installed to do all the manual work for me so I can keep up to date 🙂

    I’m gonna look into blocking direct access to any files so they can only be launched from scripts on the server, I think thats possible