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If anyone's interested

by on Oct.31, 2008, under Site News

I’ve updated my wishlist page a little so the sensible stuffs on top and added a few items too

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by on Jul.30, 2008, under Site News

it turns out some of my changes were effecting my sub domains because all the changes were being made to the top level, so I’ve moved everything

now in theory I have a secure blog, and my other sites won’t be broke by it

now I can make a static site or something as a portal page type thing

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Yet another security change

by on Jul.28, 2008, under Site News

I’ve made a few security updates to my website, in an attempt to lock out the spammers and hopefully block out the expliots too that seem to be getting used to insert content

unfortunately one of the updates wants to block me out too, so thats not too helpful!

hopefully it’ll all work this time

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The post that was posted after the previous post but before this post

by on May.12, 2008, under Site News

has been deleted as it appears there is an active exploit in wordpress’s xmlrpc
well its either an exploit or someones figured out my (now changed) lame password

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Finally a Post

by on Apr.03, 2008, under Site News

Nothing major, but hopefully I’ve just made my post entries more readable

I’ve also upgraded to the new wordpress 2.5, if you don’t have it you should, it seems to be full of nice upgrades and supposed to make things faster

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