AJAX is cool

by on Jun.29, 2007, under Tech Tips

Wasn’t AJAX the name of Ming’s ship in Flash Gordon? Rocket Ship AJAX or something?

Anyway here’s a useful site for getting your feet wet in the sea of AJAX

AJAX:Getting Started – MDC:

and the top level page


I found it very useful, and its so easy to use, only difficult bit is finding somewhere to use it, and getting the server side stuff right, but you’d have that anyway without using AJAX

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  • Andy Bell

    Oh dear Stephen your lagging behind somewhat, cast your mind back to December 2005 – http://blog.andybellonline.com/?p=47

  • Stephen

    Its really been around that long? I know I’ve been ignoring it for a while as I didn’t have a real use for it but didn’t realise it had been around quite so long.

    Anyway I had a problem and AJAX was the best tool for the job, so I actually got round to looking at how to use it.

    I might be a little late using it but there’s no point in using something just for the sake of using it and because its the latest buzzword.

    but as its just javascript I’ve been using most of its technology since I started web programming 🙂