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Website anti-spam

by on Apr.19, 2009, under Tech Tips

I’ve been looking into stopping spam on my website and the forum I run. (continue reading…)

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Developer deploys graphics cards to accelerate password cracks

by on Oct.24, 2007, under News, Tech Tips

Developer deploys graphics cards to accelerate password cracks | The Register:

Basically running the algorithms through a standard dual core PC woudl tak 2 months, plug in a GeForce 8 graphics card, use the right code and you can run it in 5 days!

why aren’t all Nvidia making CPU’s rather than GPU’s if they have that much power? ok yes its dedicated number crunching power but still that kind of speed ups pretty nice 🙂

wonder what kind of a performance upgrade a computer would get if it was ran using a combination of CPU + GPU for everything rather than cpu for work, gu for display

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Death to viruses/virii

by on Jul.06, 2007, under Rant, Tech Tips

whatever you call them they must be stopped, all forms of malware need eliminating and users educating on how not to become infected

I manage to use a computer practically all day everyday without becoming infected, no virus alerts, pop-ups,infact nothing not a single thing, even with no resident protection on my home pc I don’t get infected, so why are so many people infected ?

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AJAX is cool

by on Jun.29, 2007, under Tech Tips

Wasn’t AJAX the name of Ming’s ship in Flash Gordon? Rocket Ship AJAX or something?

Anyway here’s a useful site for getting your feet wet in the sea of AJAX

AJAX:Getting Started – MDC:

and the top level page


I found it very useful, and its so easy to use, only difficult bit is finding somewhere to use it, and getting the server side stuff right, but you’d have that anyway without using AJAX

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by on Mar.06, 2007, under Tech Tips

Been using VMWare a bit at work to test out a few Linux configurations, that would normally involve me reinstalling a machine and being unavailable until I’m back in windows.

Being able to create virtual servers to test things is just so useful, I don’t know how I got by without it.

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