Stupid cars

by on Jul.05, 2007, under News, Rant

I’m sure my car was build to fall apart

I think its had faults since day 1, the main one being the rev counter not working properly in certain weather
its been in the garage for services where they can’t find anything wrong, its been in for problems where there’s nothing wrong or another garage has found the problem’s more serious

ite been repaired for some electrical fault that stopped the gears working

and now the radiator decided to break n need replacing! so I now have a shiny new radiator for my car

what’s the point in paying so much money for a car if they’re not built well enough to last must beyond the warranty? The warrenty should be to catch any obvious faults with it, it shouldn’t then start falling apart!

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  • Paul

    Not wanting to go on about the same point over and over but…
    Its a French car, some garlic smelling, work shy, snail eater, who probably never tested the car before it left the factory because he was on strike (and knew that it was only going to get driven by some ‘Rosbif’ so didn’t care anyway) built it. Expectations really shouldn’t be that high.