Mobile Phones pt2

by on Apr.20, 2011, under Rant

I bore everyone at work with this so why not the internet too

So much for loyalty

As I mentioned in my last post I have a nice loyalty discount n my contract, a “reward” for not cancelling my account when I didn’t need it.

Turns out they don’t really value loyalty and if I choose to upgrade to the phone I want not only do I need a bigger contract or an upfront payment, I’d lose the so called loyalty discount.

The best upgrades can do is a £35 a month contract on the Desire S (as the Neo isn’t available till july) or a £25 a month with £90 up front, considering the contract’s only costing me £5 that’s really not going to happen I may have been happy with 25-discount + £90 but more than I’m paying for 2 contracts just for one? not a chance.

What’s stupid is I’m sat on a price comparison site looking at a £20 a month contract on that phone with the same provider, no cashback, just a simple contract and free phone, umm its a bit of a no brainer really.

I did kind of expect to lose the discount, but its not a good way of rewarding people for choosing to stay with you, if I’d renewed on line I could save £6 on my bill… my bill that costs £5? no obviously they’d take the £10 discount off me and replace it with £6, so not only would I not get a new phone out of that I’d end up paying more and getting nothing in return.

Looks like that contract is going and I’ll wait and see what’s on offer when my main contract is upgradeable, maybe the neo will be out and run at a decent pace at a decent cost too!

I’m still curious how much it’ll cost just to use my free contract and pay for my use, instead of this rubbish where I’m paying an upfront fee every month for minutes and texts I just don’t use.

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OMG that was rubbish

by on Aug.03, 2010, under Movies/Tv, Rant

I’ve just watch Five’s Bermuda triangle program, apart from the annoying when we draw away the ocean line – no you mapped the ground with ships and satellites you haven’t drained the ocean! – it was quite interesting, until they decided that there’s a space warp there, they then dumb down the science and explain how a warp drive would work and use this to explain how some guys plain travelled at about 2000mph through a storm. This guy flew into what looked like a tunnel in the storm a big electrical storm with weird electronic fog and strange magnetic fields in the area of the triangle.

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The internet is for Spam

by on May.25, 2010, under Rant

spam spam spam spam spam

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A party political message from…

by on May.13, 2009, under Random, Rant

So the European elections are coming up, and the parties have started trying to get votes or something

I’ve had a letter from labour and lib dems I’m not sure if they’re asking for my vote or just what I want their policies to be about but to sum it up, this is what they’re policies always seem to be (continue reading…)

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Duty Free

by on Apr.04, 2009, under Rant

Specifically at Heathrow, but what’s the point?

So you save a bit of tax, on anything in a sensible price range the tax is so little its hardly worth it. And as their in an airport, the prices are pushed up more making the savings even less significant. (continue reading…)

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