The Science of Discworld – Terry Pratchet

by on Aug.05, 2005, under Books

The Science of DiscworldI was put off buying this book because it sounds like its an encyclopaedia type of book along the lines of ‘the science of the X files’, or ‘the physics of star trek’, this book takes a different view on it and rather than describing the science of the world it describes, it uses the discworld to help understand our world. Describing the science behind discworld would probably be impossible anyway as it runs on magic and common sense not the rules of science.

The book is both educational(ish) and entertaining as you’d expect from a discworld book. The authors switch between a discworld story where they’re performing an experiment with magic, to a description of the real world version of what happened.

In theory you can skip all the real world stuff and just read the story but you’d be missing out on some interesting bits with some humor thrown in too.
So far a good book, worth reading for just the story or the science, put together its a suprisingly good combination.

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