Colony – Rob Grant

by on Feb.15, 2006, under Books

ColonyWritten by half the team that came up with Red Dwarf, I saw this book and thought it worth a try as the Red Dwarf books were good.

So anyway about the book, the main character is Eddie, Eddie’s one of those guys that plays it safe all his life, never acheives things and is infact the most unlucky person alive. The story starts Edie’s in a free hotel room, hes desparate for money to pay off a massive debt to “people like that” or he expects the rest of his life will consist of a short rerun of his life to date.

His luck turns (or so he thinks) and he ends up on a spaceship rocketing away from earth. After some time in what is essentially suspended animation he awakes after centuries to find the ship is crewed by idiots and he’s their only hope, oh and his body seems to be wired up wrong.

Put simply this is a funny story, its full of the kind of humour that made Red Dwarf what it was, if you liked Red Dwarf or the Red dwarf stories or any thing else by Rob Grant you’ll like this book. I recomend it to anyone that like a good laugh and an interesting story.

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