Incompetence – Rob Grant

by on Feb.19, 2006, under Books

057507449301_aa_scmzzzzzzz_v64047312_.jpgAfter reading Colony and enjoying that I thought I’d give this book a try its set in the far too near future, in this future PC and the nanny state have gone mad, The police can beet you to death for endangering your health by smoking.

“Article 13199 of the Pan-European Constitution:
‘No person shall be prejudiced from employment in any capacity, at any level, by reason of age, race, creed, or incompitence.'”

Its now illegal to discriminate against anyone in anyway, so people totally unsuitable for a job are not only given the job but given promotions where people that actaulyl are good are overlooked because to promote them would be disciminating against the others. You also cant be fired for being bad at your job.

In this book we meet blind night club bouncers, octogenarian male bunny girls and airline pilots with vertigo.

Theres a killer on the loose and its up to Detective Harry Salt to find him, Salt has a problem: he’s actaully good at his job. And if he can work his way through hte mess of contaminated evidence, ineptly fild crime reports and witnesses with long term memory disorders, he might just find the killer.

This is a pretty good book, funny and intersting, we can only hope our world doesn’t get to be like the future world described in the book

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