by on Dec.21, 2006, under News

Well its coming to the end of my contract and I want a new phone, and cheaper bill too, unfortunately the phone I can get free on a new contract, orange have decided will cost me about £120, so without terminating my contract I can pay £120 to get a new phone and then change the contract to get the new bill.

Or I can cancel my contract, and take out a new one giving me a free phone.

Anyone else see the mistake they’ve made?

If I’m terminating my contract, what’s to stop me going to say vodafone and taking out a similar contract?

so the question is, upgrade and keep my 10% loyalty discount, pay £120 and change my contract

cancel my contract, take out a new one (£19 75min, 475text) for a free w810i

cancel my contract and pay £100 for a w850i on a £19 contract (75min, 475text)
or cancel and go to vodafone pay £90 for a w850i for their similar contact at £18 with 150 less texts.

To spend or not to spend? should I stay or should I go? they are the questions.

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