Another Year Ending

by on Dec.29, 2006, under News

And a new one about to begin…

As with every year this has had its highs and lows

Highlights include going snowboarding, seeing Iron Maiden, getting my own snowboarding gear, and (unfortunately) discovering World of Warcraft, plus the usual nights out and everything.

Low points include still being single, losing my granddad, working between Chrismas and new year (I really should have got round to taking this time off!), having my website shutdown for not paying the bill (but I have new better hosts now)

So my plans for the new year include, figuring out some better time management, to fit in gaming and programming outside of work, as I plan on programming games they’ll kind of over lap a little when I’m testing 🙂

Gotta get myself a new Passport, and going by the security concerns about the RFID chip I might have to build my own little “Faraday sleeve” (Patent Pending 😉 ) to keep it in.

Get myself on a good snowboarding holiday to use the above mentioned passport and all my boarding gear.

Gotta get fit again, boarding on Xmas eve was great apart from the fact my legs could barely support me, getting exercise should also help me lose the few extra pounds I’ve picked up through the year too.

I’m also hoping my lottery wins will keep going how they are, as I started of only getting £6.50 every few draws but I’m now on £10, so hopefully it’ll keep climbing n be more often, or maybe I’ll get the big one…

I also have every intention of posting regularly and finally finishing my template tweaks and adding content.

Using my lottery winnings I’m going to get my own place (obviously without a big win I can’t afford that, then everyone’s invited round to the house warming before I do it up to sell on for a profit and a bigger house – Start climbing that ladder 🙂

And finally gotta find the time and money to find me a nice girl that’ll have me, even if its to stop my parents from trying to matchmake me with all the staff at their school! Any offers?
And finally finally (this is really the end of the post) as its probably taken you into the new year reading this

Happy New Year!

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