Broken Car Room Holiday Preachers

by on Feb.24, 2007, under News

So Thursday night after being out at a customers site, my car decided when I go to turn it on to just not start, engine wouldn’t even turn over, but all the electronics seemed to come up as you’d expect.

So out come the AA on Friday morning, the guy runs loads of tests, we even had the engine running but it was starting to look like the gear box, or the computer that controls it, either way the car just didn’t want to drive, the AA guy even plugged in his computer and my car told him exactly what was wrong according to it – absolutely nothing! Well its not working, so a tow to the garage it was.

So the cars left with the garage and they call, “We cant do anything with your car today becasue the batteries flat, we’ll charge it over night”, erm it wasn’t flat when I left it with them, the cars been left longer than over night before and the batteries not gone flat. It even worked while I was being towed as the indicators still clicked and turning the ignition gave lights.

But anyway they’ve not decided that the batteries broke and I need a new one, well I reported battery problems since I had the car and they’ve found nothing wrong, probably because they’re too lazy (or incompetent) to look into the problem and just plug the computer in and the computer says no problems. I think the diagnostics computer may be broke, but how are they going to be able to diagnose that one if the computer cant tell them there’s a problem, because its the computer that has the problem?

Anyway my cars still in the garage where they’ll be scratching their heads trying to understand how it doesn’t have a problem but clearly doesn’t go, and I’m going on holiday so will hopefully come home to a repaired car and a fully redecorated room.

On the subject of my room, the colours have been selected, the walls painted, carpet laid and most stuff back in, all that remainsis my desk n everything on it.

So I now have red walls, a black carpet, black curtains and bedding, and everything else is white or light grey. but I wont be able to appreciate that till I get back from…

Andorra! Yay a second time there in 2 years but this time we know the area a bit better, Andy’s more confident and we have Paul too who may need to drink a litre of beer before going out on the slope :

Should be a good holiday just the flights at 7am s we’re setting off about 1:30! no sleep for me tonight then.

And another thing since when had Darlington had a preacher problem? When I was in town to get my holiday money there was some guy stood by the memorial thing outside Pizza Hut going on about how everyone’s going to hell. Well I have two problems with that, 1 he didn’t sound convinced himself there was no passion in what he said, just sounded like reading from a script, and 2 he didn’t offer us redemption just said your going to hell the bible says so. Well sorry but that’s not going to get anyone to join you, in fact I think there was 1 person stood in front of him n that was probably his friend, but most people don’t appreciate being told they’re going to hell, most of them know it and don’t want reminding.

Well that’s all for now, am making sure I’m not carrying any extra metal, my boots are being packed so the toe caps don’t set the alarms off. Don’t seem to have much in terms of hand luggage seems a bit over kill to have my bag for a book really.

Anyway I’m sure I’ll be dragged to the internet cafe, but if not I’ll give a summary of the holiday n might even post pics too when I get back.

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