Bit of a catch up

by on Apr.17, 2007, under News

I seem to have missed a few updates, since my last update I’ve been away to Blackpool for easter weekend, been broken into and out in Newcastle and Durham.

Blackpool was a good weekend, went down with Sharon to meet a few people from the guild on Warcraft.

Met in the hotel bar (which was open forever) went out for some food, drink and on the rides by the peir then out for out proper night out n all got rather drunk n went to bed rather late at about 4am. 🙂 Only for there to be some kind of argument out side our rooms, that kept most of us (me especially) up till about 6am, then had to be up by 9 for breakfast n to go to the pleasure beach 🙂

Spent all day on the pleasure beach going on rides n playing drastically bad on the mini golf 🙂 Then did a repeat of the night before, got a bit drunk n stayed up late 🙂

Then the Sunday morning we all had practically lost our voices but still managed to get up for breakfast, then it was say our goodbyes n head home.

So a pretty good weekend, our guildmates were nice, the hotel staff were brilliant and we all had a good time 🙂

So the Easter monday, after getting back from Blackpool still being pretty tired, n in on my own, I’m just getting ready to shut down, lock up and go to bed, n I’ve been hearing a door bumping like they do in the wind, then I hear the gate, so head down to investigate all the lights along the drive are lit but no one about, so go to lock up n realise the keys aren’t there!

So after a bit of looking for them in all the places I could have looked came to the conclusion that someone had been in and taken them! So then called the police, they got someone out pretty quick, and took a statement. and gave a bit of advice about preserving the (contaminated – I searched for the keys inside and out) crime scene.

Next day they got a “CSI” guy round to dust for prints, then I could get a locksmith out to replace the locks that were gone. When he finally finished went to pay him and realised my wallet was gone too! so had to call to cancel all my cards and add that to the incident report.

After all that total lack of sleep, went out for a meal in Newcastle with Sharon to the Sky Apple cafe, its a vegetarian restaurant, no meat at all! not even fake meat! Quite suprisingly I manged to get 3 nice courses out of it 🙂 Followed by a quick stop in a bar in Newcastle then back to Durham to finish the night. Again was a good night out, would maybe have been better if I was drinking but nevermind 🙂

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