The Elder Gods

by on Jun.10, 2007, under Books

21ayys864nl_aa_sl160_.jpgThis is the start of a new series by David and Leigh Eddings, as I’d read most of his others I thought I’d give it a try expecting it to be more of the same.

It wasn’t quite what I expected,  There are 4 gods ruling over an isolated island, and they are being threatened by the beast that lives in the wasteland in the middle. As their people are mostly peaceful and a bit primitive they have to enlist help from outside.

This book covers an introduction to the gods and focuses on the just one, her quarter of the island and the battle there.

I found this quite an amusing book and a fun read, but at times things were just a little silly, the ending of the war was predictable as you’d expect but how it happened wasn’t really something I would have expected.

All in all I enjoyed the book and bought the next ones in the series 🙂

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