The great mass blogything

by on Jun.12, 2007, under News

Phil has decided to aim for a blog a day on his Maybe Tomorrow site
Andy seems to be following with a sudden burst of regular blogging at Andy Bell Online
And Si even seems to be having a go at All Kinds of Good

Maybe their competing? Maybe I should blog more too? Would anyone really want to hear I went to work I came home I played WoW? I’m sure how I’m doing in warcraft is really only of interest to me and anyone that plays with me and apart from that I don’t get up to much.

Also Facebook seems to have become the new myspace, everyone signs up, uses it gets hooked then will get bored of it in a while

I think I’ll give that one a miss this time, I have this site if you want to keep up with what I’m doing (even if its updated a few weeks after) I might eventually put on a photo gallery but I doubt it as I don’t take many photos and will be avoiding pics of me anyway.

Watch out for my development site to come live (I’ll post a link when its ready) I’m going to fill it up with my old static content from Uni (oh so long ago) and anything new I do if I ever tear myself away from WoW, this wont be live till its got its content and I’ve settled on a theme, I’m thinking this needs to be some kind of a forge so I can have project pages, separate news blogs for each project, multiple versions etc for in development things, maybe it’ll focus me into doing some of my little projects I have planned

well that’s my entry for today, will I write another tomorrow just for the sake of it, probably not, I’m just going to do my usual post when I feel like it for now (or start writing an entry and publish it a week later) 😉

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