The Computer upgrade continues

by on Jul.11, 2007, under Computer

Its never going to be finished

The extra fans I put in are quite noisy so I’m going to quieten them down a bit

first step is to get a fan controller, the one linked below can control 6 fans and has a few handy extras like a card reader – KAMA Panel Multimedia Device

I’m also planning on replacing all my pc fans with quieter ones – SWiF-801 80mm Case Fan

and some fan Gaskets to stop vibrations and air leakage or something like that – AcoustiFan Gaskets

All this should make my computer run very quiet as the fans highest speed they only clock up 11dB which is just slightly above the volume of normal breathing 🙂

Once the noise levels are sorted I’m planning on upgrading my graphics card to a nice shiny GeForce 8800, as this will involve a new motherboard I’ll need more memory, so I’m thinking 2Gb of fast memory, and eventually replace my processor with a dual core E6600 I think maybe quad if the price comes down, I don’t plan on using the stock cooler that comes with my processor so will upgrade that to a quieter one too

with all this I may need a new PSU so I’m thinking one of the quiet modular ones that let you only plug in what you need.

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