Uncle again

by on Nov.30, 2007, under News

The latest spawn of my brother has arrived, I’m sure she’s at least half human Alex seem’s normal enough
but I think they should run some tests to make sure her demonic half’s under control…

On a more serious not, she’s (if you’ve not guessed its a girl ) Hannah Olivia – soon to be shortened to Han (I see a starwars nickname coming up there) and popped out at 7lb 7oz and probably 7 little bits of an ounce but I can’t remember my imperial units (and I’m sure its not a storm trooper)

Well I’m quite suprised my brother didn’t phone up asking what to do when Alex went into labour, maybe all that medical trainings paid off,  but he usually phones up about silly things like how to use a washing machine :p

ugh thats 1 more xmas present to buy :p but HAHA david has to change nappies every day :p


Congratulations and everything that goes with it

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