Dawn of War Complete and Dawn of War II

by on May.17, 2009, under Games

Having played a Demo of the Dawn of War games, I decided to get Dawn of War II, initially planning on skipping the first one and it’s expansions. Well as it didn’t cost much I bought the complete collection of Dawn of War, this is the original and 3 expansions, each a completely separate game based on the original.

So the games them selves are set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, in the original and sequel, you take control of space marrines and eliminate the enemies of the empire. or something like that, who cares, far as you’re concerened you’re the good guys n they’re the bad n need killing. 🙂 There’s a story to why you’re killing them, this unfolds while you play the campaign, its not just wipe them out, then wipe out more, there is a reason.

The differences in the games are obvious, firstly Dawn of War looks pretty dated when you watch the story telling cut scenes, but in game it isn’t as obvious, but still not the best possible, as you’d expect from a game a few years old. Dawn of War II does away with the base building part of the first and rather than building your space marine squads you start each mission with a few, your task being to keep them alive while you dispatch the enemy, graphically its more up to date and looks much better as you’d expect.

I’m no where near far through he games, but am enjoying Dawn of War II more than the original as its just more challenging on the normal difficulty setting.  In the original you build your base, then units after you’ve built a big enough force, attack the enemy, as with most RTS even with a squad and vehicle cap, the equivalent of a tank rush still works, and you can defeat your enemies with superior numbers and firepower. With Dawn of War II you have limited numbers and only a few ways to reinforce if some die so tactically positioning your units is key to overcoming your enemies.

With Dawn of War II as you complete objectives, missions and kills your squad leaders gain experience similar to RPG s (games not grenades). As your leaders level up you can unlock skills and change their gear to improve their performance. This can only be done between missions, so that nice new piece of armour you just picked up can’t be equipped until you’ve finished or lost the current mission. There’s also extra optional missions not bassed on the main objectives that can help you turn the tide of the war, or so far in my case make very little difference to it.

Anyway loving my new games go buy them for yourself!

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