Things I want

by on Oct.27, 2009, under News

There’s one or 2 things I want, and will probably buy myself so figured I’d list them

there’s also the stuff on my Wishlist too, which contains a link to my Amazon Wishlist too. The amazon wishlist has a huge collection of stuff mostly games, movies and music, and I’ll update that soon

New things to add to the list

A new Pc case, I’m  looking at a case set up with 12cm fans and acoustic damping built in, so lots of air flow and should be quiet too.

5.1 sound system, I’ve had 4.1 for ages becasue originally I didn’t have room for a center speaker and I think 5.1 was a lot more expensive when I bought, but since getting a flat screen I’ve got room now and could do with a new set of speakers.

1TB hard drive, don’t think I need bigger, but I’m tempted to have 2 and set them up in raid 0 just to see if theres a performance gain from it

A new sound card I’m thinking creative X-fi to go with the new speaker system, not really needed and Im not sure how much an improvement it’ll be over my audigy 2

A new cpu cooler, probably the most important item to quieten my pc down, as thats the noisiest thing in my case unless my graphics card ends up needing full cooling

And becasue I need some exercise and would like to enjoy it a bit
a new black wii, with wii fit plus, this comes with the new motion plus and all the improved versions of the games the original came with ordered  🙂

I also want a new snowboard, its time to retire my current one at the end of this season and maybe turn it into a stylish shelf or wall art 😉 I’m looking at a Ride Prophet at the minute, it sounds about the right kind of board, but lots of time to decide what I want

I’m sure I’ll think of more later 🙂

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