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by on Nov.12, 2009, under Fitness, Games

a bit late on this one, as its been out like forever, but I’ve just got my own so can actually say something

It only arrived on monday so I’ve not really spent too long on it, the delivery went well the Wii Fit was dispatched from Amazon 2 days before my new black Wii was even released then sat on a shelf at the Home Delivery Network’s depot, thne after a failed delivery to work on Saturday of just the Wii they brought both on Monday, yay 🙂

So onto ease of set up, everything was in the box, even batteries and theres pretty much nothing to worry about to connect it up to your tv, as all the plugs are shaped so no chance of getting that wrong, then its pretty much press the power n you’re good to go. Never tried the other consoles but can only assume they’re as easy.

Connecting to the internet was just as easy but I’d definitely prefer using a keyboard to enter details rather than the controller. The Wii shop’s pretty disappointing in terms of freebies but being able to buy old Nintendo games is good for building a collection of old games as its fully backward compatible with the previous consoles.

Graphics wise, its not really the most impressive on the market, but that’s expected and its not made for good graphics, if I want that I have my PC

The games that ccame with it Wii Sport, Wii Spot Resort, and Wii Fit Plus, all the games in the lot are really simple fun games made to make the most of the motion detection in the controllers and balance board.

The wii fit games, are pretty much all shifting your balance and waving the controllers in the right way to complete a task and get points the idea being to get you active and using most your body to get into the games, a few examples are the juggling, you have to balance on a ball and juggle the balls thrown at you, you move the ball by shifting your weight n juggle the smaller balls  by flicking the controllers at the right time.
Generally they’re all similar in principal but different enough that theres variation. The Rhythm Boxing you step punch and dodge, theres ones its just shifting your balance, others you walk/run on the spot, jump(without leaving the board) or just swing the controller for the golf game.
The games are broken down into Aerobic where you’re most active, Balance which focus on using your balance, and training plus which is just a collection of new games they added for the Plus version.
The other parts are the yoga and muscle training sections, both are to rain up the strength of specific muscles, the yoga being the more gentle as its all stretches and balance.

Could you get fit from just a wii fit, maybe if you spend long enough on it, but its really not going to compare to a trip to the gym or going out and doing the exercises for real, but for someone that isn’t very active a game that gets you active is a good start n better than nothing.

The games in the wii sport resort aren’t made with fitness in mind, but the few I’ve tried you can get into fully, the Sword play you get to swing a sword, its a two hander on screen so its just natural to make full swings standing and step into them for balance, be even better with a sword addition (or lightsaber, think there’s a star wars duel available isn’t there?) . Archery you aim the bow, draw back and release, its just seems right to stand and do it like you would for real, only without the strain of holding a bow string at its full draw weight.

My view is that the Wii and its games that come with it adnd the Wii Fit are good fun, they get you active which for someone that sits at a computer all day then plays games on one too is a good thing as the games get you up on your feet moving about, its definitely good for a group or party game as you can all get together compete or just take turns, and some of the games you do look pretty stupid so everyone can have a laugh. But playing on your own the games are still fun and any exercise is better than none.

I’m not sure what the whole game selections like, but I’m sure there are plenty to play aimed at single player rather than competing, but really the play station or x-box have that covered and they have excellent graphics too, or there’s all the games on my pc if I just want to sit still n kill stuff.

Cheaper than a gym membership and still a chance of getting fit depending on what you do and how much time and effort you put in.

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