Mind Control

by on Jan.29, 2010, under Random

Ever wondered why you get songs stuck in your head completely at random?

Ever been sat doing something then suddenly a song you’ve not heard for ages starts playing in your head?

Its THEM, THEY’re testing mind control devices and beaming music into your head, the internet makes the results of these test easy to track, they don’t even have to monitor their subjects, just monitor blogs, tweets, chat and other forms of communication.

THEY watch for people saying they can’t get a song out their head, and if its the right one its put ¬†down as a successful test.

Next time you get a song stuck in your head, look around for anyone acting strangely, they may well be one of THEM triggering the music in your mind.

Whatever you do, do not tell the world about the music, or THEY will find out, and know the machine is working, the next step is controlling actions and behaviour, then THEY have won.

Do not let THEM win, make them think the machine isn’t working and tell the wrong tune, or don’t tell it at all.

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