New snowboard n stuff…

by on Oct.10, 2010, under Books, Fitness, News

Yes I bought my snowboard weeks ago, and yes I only rode it for the first time last week, and no I ‘ve not written anything since I said I’d write more so I’m writing now

So the board itself is an Endeavour Live, bought for a good discount, thank the sales and a small defect for a good reduction, the defect in the board is pretty minor really, when they printed the art work it went through the laminator before the printing, how they managed this I’m not sure but there’s a batch of boards with teh art work printed on the surface instead of under it. Basically all that’s wrong with the board is the design will scratch off over time and with use, leaving me with a more or less plain black board, no complaints there and for the price I’ve got a new board for what my old one should have cost if it wasn’t half price šŸ™‚

So riding the board last week on its factory wax only, it slid over the snow very easily, and I’m sure I could turn it on a 5p, it also felt lighter if not slightly more flexible than my old, I’m assured by the sales guy that it will flex more as I use it and it loosens up a little. Its really just a shame that I’m such an unfit wuss and my little weedy legsĀ couldn’tĀ cope with the slope time, I must go more often to get used to it again and maybe actually make a proper effort on this getting fit thing.

On the subject of getting fit, the plan is to join the gym and go swimming 3 times a week using the fact we’ve paid for it as motivation to go, and I think I’ll try to Wii Fit a little more to gently build up my legs and all the stretches that should only be helpful to my wrists too. There its on the internet so it has to be true.

Last thing to mention I have now finished Dracula and I’m sure I’d seen the film based on the book, I honestly can’t remember it that well but I seem to remember some warrior losing his wife and making some unholy deal to become the first vampire, then at the end is destroyed as you’d expect but Mina his victim turns vampire at the end, but I might be mixing up my movies a bit and it might be and I might have completely made up that ending, I have seen a lot of them. What to read next?

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