As Christmas is coming…

by on Oct.20, 2010, under News

…and is in [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”2010/12/26″], people are starting to ask what I want, so I’ve been looking a bit.

I’ve decided its time for some new snowboarding gear to go with my new board, so:

Ranger Custom Air Ranger Custom Air BTA Salomon Ranger Custom Air helmet (medium) it fit quite well in the store and is actually a better fit than my current helmet. I would actually prefer the version shown on the right but thats an extra ~£150 for speakers and a built in bluetooth phone, and I’m not sure I really need a phone in my helmet.

Some new goggles, I”m looking at these Dragon Alliance Red ones, they come with a bright conditions mirrored lens and a bonus spare that I’m told will be a low light lens.
These will be replacing the ageing pair I’ve been using for a while now.

An iPod nano, I’m thinking the Graphite or Silver rather than the blue that I have showing there, preferably the bigger 16GB model, or something similar, really what I want is a good small mp3 player with controls I can clip onto my jacket so I can reach them and stop the music while I have gloves on, but I can’t find anything like that, so something that looks good and will work with my car for when I’m not snowboarding will be nice.

I also need some new gloves but having just read a bad review of the Flexmeter ones I thinking of getting to replace my wrist guard and glove combination as its an all in one, I’m not quite sure what I want here, maybe just some that fit and fit over my wrist guards too.

I’m thinking next season for new boots and clothes, the ones I have will be fine this year after a bit of reproofing.

I’m looking into a decent home cinema system and new monitor for my computer, but at the minute I’m not really decided what I want, I am thinking around 24″ full HD or higher, with HDMI input on the screen and I’m after 5.1 surround with an optical input and I think HDMI pass-through so it can sit between maybe a playtation that I don’t have yet and my tv.

Other than that, there’s always DVDs n music, I think for books maybe just give me a voucher or something so  can get them electronically , and maybe a few computer games too.

Anyway its all on My Amazon Wishlist and I’ll just keep adding to it as I find things.

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