Phones Argggh

by on Apr.12, 2011, under News

There’s just too many to choose from.

Too many phones, too many contracts, and so many free gifts too

Starting with some history, When I took out my current main contract, I phoned to cancel my T-mobile contract and as they do to keep their numbers I waws offered a cheap contract with a PSP, it worked out as an 18 month contract to pay for the PSP, it’s actually a £20 contract with £15 discount. Figured what the hell its not a lot of money a month and I get a PSP for no upfront cost.

Leading upto when my contract was ready for upgrade, I was thinking about getting the HTC Wildfire, then just before the upgradable date HTC announced the Wildfire S, which I’ve been waiting for them to announce its available, but its not looking like its happening.

While I’ve been waiting, I looked a little deaper and the Wildfire S isn’t much smaller than the Desire, I was after a smaller phone but as its only about 1cm, maybe I should get a Desire, but the Desire S is coming out so why get the old model when I could get the new.

So again waiting for a phone to be available, I see good reviews of the Sony Ericsson Arc, it sounds pretty good, has Andiod 2.3, the reviews show a good quality camera and they like the interface that’s been added to it. This is a bit too big for my taste, so I’m looking and see that the Neo has just been announced and should be available, so looking at it it has the same quality screen but smaller than the arc and the same camera.

I’ve not had a problem with my Sony Ericsson, if I ever used its camera its actually pretty good, so as everyone seems to have HTC Desires I think I’m going to be different and go with the Sony Ericcson Neo, just as soon as there’s some stock!

So new phone this or next month, if there’s stock available and I can get it on my T-mobile, or wait till its in stock then cancel my contracts and take out a new one on t-mobile transfering my number from Orange.

I wonder what phone I’ll want by the time that one’s available!

On a side note I have a third contract, that costs me absolutely nothing unless I use it, so I always have access to Orange Wednesdays, wonder how much data would cost, maybe I should just buy a phone and cancel my other contracts and just pay for what I use.


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