Banff Canada Snowboarding 2012

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Quiet Slopes

Typical View of the weekday slopes

I’ve been back almost a month so maybe its time to write something

Flew there via Amsterdam, not a lot to say about that really, get to airport, wait, get on plane, plane goes up, plane comes down, get off plane, wait get on new plane, plane goes up, stays there a while, plane comes down and we’re in Canada.

Apart from a heating problem in our first room – which  may have been because it was almost directly over the hot tubs, sauna and steam rooms – the hotel was fine, we even had a balcony in the second room that when its -11 outside wasn’t really much use.

We arrived the same weekend they do the ice sculptures at Lake Louise, so on a day off we went up there to have a look, a few had broken al little but were mostly intact. View the photos here

We also got a trip to Calgary to see the Flames play, my first hockey game, wasn’t too bad but I was surprised how often they stopped to clean the ice. View the photos here

A few other albums from the holiday

The few photos with Helen in them, didn’t really matter that some were the back of her head as both of us had our faces covered so are pretty much unrecognisable anyway.

On the way back our luggage got left in Amsterdam which was a little annoying but they followed us in the next flight the same day so not so bad, at least it wasn’t on the way out with a long time till the next flight.


P.S yes I know no-one uses Google+ but my pictures were stored on Picasa and they merged the services. Also some photos have geotagging information in them some don’t, it depends on if my phone had a signal or not.

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SCUK Bash 2010

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Only took me 2 weeks to write this…

A week in Tignes, France, thats left me with a small shopping list of “upgrades” to my current snowbaord gear, more on that in another post (continue reading…)

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Powder day

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First day, snowed for ages, so loads of fresh powder.
Awesome day nakered now

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Bags packed, checked in, just need to sleep then I'm ready to go

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not a lot to say really, my bags are packed, I’ve checked in online, I’m certain I have everything but also certain I’ve forgotten something

so its off to bed, then off to Tignes for a week of snowboarding and fun.

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I’ve been back over a week so time to write a little

A snowboarding trip to Banff in Canada. (continue reading…)

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