by on May.23, 2004, under Rant

Basically, why do they bother?
Your watching TV or litenting to the radio before whatever time they’ve decided you can hear or see “explicit” material. and during your enjoyment the sound goes off or is annoyingly beeped, or a blured patch comes up on screen.

Audio Censorship
This is probably the most pointless. It goes something like f-silence-ing or f-beep-ing, now this wouldnt be so bad if they actually managed to catch the full word, but they never seem to so as you mostly get the start and end, it doesnt take much imagination to fill in the blanks.
Taking music as an example as thats where most of the bad editing seems to be, it really does spoil the song when your listening to it if you notice the blanks, but worse yet, have you ever tried singing a blank? Its not easy you’ll sing exactly what you knows there. Now I’m sure when I was younger (not that long ago really) if a song contained explicit lyrics they recorded a radio edit with these removed, why cant they do that now?

Visual Censorship
This isn’t as bad as audio censorship, I have nothing against them cencoring nudity if they do it well, this is because we do this every day by wearing clothes!
What I do have complaints about is when they blur out product logos, symbols and even gestures.
Again taking music as an example, I’ve seen videos where they blur out the mouth of someone when they’re singing the explicit lyrics, is this so lipreaders cant read the words that have just been blanked out? They even blur out guns or weapons, I’m actually certain I saw some one point as someone and their had was blured. Working on this pricipal its possable for somene to pull their finger out their pocket point it at someone else and shoot them. OK obviously it was a gun that was pulled out as you can work that out from the result so why was it blured?

If its not suitable to be seen or heard should it really be shown? If theres an alternative available that should be used instead, if not dont show it till its acceptable!

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