Daylight Savings Time

by on May.27, 2004, under Rant

One By Sharon this…

Why do we have daylight savings time/British Summer time? OK, OK so it means we get the sunshine an hour later on ‘cos we don’t really need broad daylight at 4am do we? but what I want to know is what they do with it….
So the Government take an hour off us in the middle of the night and give it back 6 months later but what do they do with it in the mean time? Are they like the banks, who use our money for their own personal gain whilst supposedly keeping it safe for us?

Right so let me get this straight, they have taken an hour of my life away but I will get it back. Will it be the same hour, or will it be someone else’s? and what if it gets damaged, will it still be the full 60 minutes or a mere 59 minutes 30 seconds? Surely after 6 months, I should get some interest on that hour and build it up by a few minutes to maybe 65 minutes, don’t you think?

Also, how dare they take it without my permission? Or did I sign a contract at birth to enable them to do this to me? What if I need my hour back sooner? I could be in a life or death situation, at which point the extra hour may come in useful. I’m sure there were several times when Superman/Spiderman/Batman etc. could’ve done with an extra hour to save the world in.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for now, I’m sorry to have wasted your valuable time on this page. I would give it back to you but unfortunately I’m not authorised to deal with refunds. If you go through the proper channels you could have it back in say, 6 months?

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