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Now we all find advertising annoying in some form or another, spam cloggs your inbox, popups slow your computer down , floating asds block what your tryign to see, tv ads inturrupt your viewing and postal ads just seem to be a waste of paper(and CD’s).
But you have to admit adverts do have their uses, tv ads give you chance to put the kettle on or go to the bathroom, or if your actually still watching them inform you of the existence of a new product you need (even if you dont) or at lest be slightly entertaining to watch even if you dont know what its advertising. Postal ads come in handy for resting things on (use them as coasters especially the CD’s). And lastly interent advertising might possably point you somewhere you want to be.

Postal Ads

Just think of the trees that could be saved if they actually bothered doing some research.

Internet CD’s – I have broadband, its with NTL we dont have a BT line, what good are wannado or AOL’s internet offers going to be to me? I already have internet access thats better than any dialup they could offer, and I can’t use their broadband offer beccause it requires a BT line.

Credit Card offers – I have a credit card I pay it off every month, it makes no difference to me what the other cards offer me in terms of balence transfers and credit limits, I dont need another card so I wont be filling in the form that comes with it.

TV advertising

Like I said before the ads give you chance to take a break, or inform you of products that are available or tv shows that or on soon.
The problem with TV advertising is that on some channels its either too often or really badly timed, like just before or after the opening credits.
Another thing is if the advert gets your attention but you dont know what its advertising its not doing its job, and if an ad doesnt make sense or have any realtionship to its product then how are you supposed to know the benifits of this product?

Internet Advertising

Generally annoying, you dont have loads of adverts in an a reference book when you look through it, so why when I’m doing research do I have to close aload of popups so I can find the window I was working in?

Pop Ups/ Pop Unders – these are just annoying, they tend not to relate to what your looking at and serve no real purpose apart from to fill up your taskbar and use system resourses. I’m sick of reading that I’m the xth visitor so have won $x only clameable in the us or canada, or enter this competition to win x, only open to us and canada.

Slide over/floating ads – very annoying, you have to find the close button or it blocks your view of the page, it could be compared to reading the newspaper and finding that one of the many junk flyers is glued to the middle of the page covering the story your reading.

Spam – Spamty Spam, I’m sure when Monty Python sung about it they were thinking of a certain meat product, but their song is still fitting, its everywhere you practically cant open your email without offers of viagra, phsical enhancement, university degrees, adult entertainment, or even mail order brides!!! Now I definatly dont need breast enhancements, I wont be ordering drugs off the internet, perscriptions arent really that expensive yet, I have a degree and I dont want to buy one. Anything else is not of any interest either, I dont need to order a bride from russia, I don’t want to subscribe to an adult entertainment site, and I definatly don’t want to buy software thats probably illegal here. but strangley enough most the offers are only available to the us and canada, so why am I getting them?
Spam can be entertaining if your really bored though, you can play a game of guess the contetns of the email, as the subjects almost never relate to the advert.

So if postal and spam advertisers could do some research into the people theyre sending to then we’d only get relavant adverts through, internet advertising should only appear as targeted banner ads or links like google does as its lots less annoying.

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