Chain Mail

by on Jun.04, 2004, under Rant

Another form of spam that most people overlook are chain letters, the pass this onto x people and something good will happen, if you dont something bad will.
The best kind that shows peoples gullibility is the send this to x people then press some key and see what happens, and people pass it on! I’m sure they’re disappointed when nothing happens.

No microsoft wont send me any money for passing on chain mail, no I dont care if my hotmail account gets closed because I dont pass on a message to everyone I know, what goods knowing about the girl with luekemia going to do me, theres plenty of other people suffering that dont have a chain mail for them, thats what charities are for.
And no I havnt gained any luck from the few chain mails I did pass on, and I’m pretty certain that one that said I’d die if I didnt pass it on hasnt killed me even though I deleted it.
And before I forget don’t send me virus warning either, unless the effects of the virus are actually funny. In most cases these are hoaxes and are wasting my time, and even if they’re not, I probably found out about the virus long before your chain warning arrived anyway.

Oh and if you do feel you have to send me something please strip off the previous message headers so I can actually find the message on the first page not the 100’th, and the pass this on bit might aswell go too as I wont pass it on to 50 million people or even 5, I may pass it onto 1 or 2 peopel that I think will apreciate it but thats all.

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