The UK Postal Service

by on Jun.04, 2004, under Rant

OK ignoring the fact they shove junk through your door, I’ve already gone on about that, its the fact they cant even get the simplest part of mail delivery right!

Delivering to the right address
Now this cant be difficult, most letters come with a name, address and postcode, now it doesn’t take a genius to notice that the family name on 2 letters is different, the street names different and the postcodes different, so how do we get other peoples mail????

Special Deliveries
Parcels and things you have to sign for. Now I order things off het internet quite often, infact I hardly use highstreet stores. So when my goods are delivered I expect to have to sign for them, or if I’m not home pick them up from the postoffice(or rearrage delivery) if they haven’t been left with a neighbor.
So why do we find deliveries at the back of the house or beside the door? And who signed for it? I’ve actually had things delivered through the letter box that needed signing for, I was home and the only sound was the post coming through the letter box, no nock or doorbell ringing!
So we have unattended parcels that could be stolen, items that needed proof of delivery delivered without proof of delivery. This system cant be working, can it?

Lazy Delivery Drivers
They’re paid to get a package from point A to point B, all they have to do is deliver the package to the right place, in most cases theres an address and a contact so how can’t they find us? This happened at work, we were expecting a delivery, checked the companies tracking system our package is on the van on its way, sounsd good, should arrive that day, 3 oclock comes no dellivery begining to think maybe it wont get here, phone the company get told the package should arrive by 5:30, this tells me that the girl didnt know anything more than me about where the package was, just that the driver finishes at 5:30. 5:30 comes no delivery give it a bit longer and go home. Get back into the office in the morning, check to see where this package is, its been delivered and signed for at 2:30 the day before!! We didnt get it, I’m certain of this as I never left the office and can see both entrances from my desk. Just before we decide to call the delivery company to find out where our package is, a girl form another office comes by with our package that was delivered to them the day before! Now if the LDD had bothered to look for our office all 1 minutes walk away from the one the package was left at I would have not had to make a pointless phone call to someone that know as much as me!
Some LDD’s are even too lazy to read, we have a big number 3 on the door, and we’ve been asked “is this number 5?” or “are you x company?” We have a sign outside with the company name on!

Don’t get me wrong these things dont happen too often, but they do happen. I’ve had good service collecting my parcels from the post office most the time (I seem to order on the wrong day of the week and I go to work before they arrive), but there are definatly some people out there that are spoiling what should be a good system its been arround long enough to know how to do things properly.

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