The Pitter Patter of tiny feet

by on Jun.21, 2004, under Rant

Your trying to sleep and suddenly you hear a noise, theres some tiny feet roaming nearby. No I don’t mean children. I mean a creature with feet even smaller, 8 hairy legs and one body, yes you’ve guessed it spiders!

I have nothing against spiders in gerneral, I just don’t see why they have to be near me, or inside for that matter.

I dont understand a spiders facination with houses, they live in a web, they catch flies in this web to eat, they’ll catch more flies outside, so why do they insist on moving in with people? And what is their fixation with bathrooms?

Before I continue I suppose I should admit that I have a small ittational fear/hatred of spiders and most insects or bugs and buzing flies. I just hate the annoying ones that fly round and round and round.

But seriously why do spiders exist? they eat flies, they get eaten by birds, but birds eat flies aswell so if there were less spiders thered be more flies for the birds to eat, meaning more birds.
I think they exist just to annoy us, thats why they move indoors where the people are.

You may be wondering how often it is that people hear spiders moving, well its not often but if you conveniently are lazy enough to have a plastic bag that a fathers day present was in lying on the floor because you havent tidied it up yet. Well I’m just lyign there and I hear a rustling, being half asleep at the time I assumed it was a cat on the gravel outside, then I realised the steps were coming from the other side of me. Maybe its the bag cooling down now the lights out or theres a breeze, clutching at straws as I didnt want to think about there being any kind of life form in it. Using my mobile as a torch (its not just for texting!) I saw something move in the bag. Uh Oh. So being brave I turn on the light, and beign a bit stupid decide to look see what it is…. And jump back a foot when I realise its about 1.5″ across. Ok I may be exagerating I didnt jump just stepped back fast.
So I now have a spider which I dont want to go near, in a bag so theres no chance of ignoring it because its noisy, what kind of an idiot climbs into a plastic bag?
So as there was no chance of me sleeping with a spider that big in my room, and not really being able to wake anyone, I’m 24 I have to deal with these beasties myself that and it was about midnight, I traped the spider in the bottom of the bag and closed the end. then squashed it as there was no way I was going to risk it gettin out and back into my room.

What I really want to know is where did it come from? How long was it there? How did I not notice something that big? And why couldnt it stay outside and get eaten by a bird or something like a good spider should.

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