Bars and Clubs

by on Jun.26, 2004, under Rant

Now I have nothing against bars and clubs in general, as they do serve a purpose, somewhere to meet mates and get “refreshments”.
What I dont like is the fact they’re always too crowded (if they not they probably arent very good), and they all (ok most) play their music (mostly stuff I dont like) so loud that the only way to comunicate is sign language lip reading or shouting directly into the other persons ear. And if that wasnt bad enough they’re almost always smokey making already dark rooms harder to see in and all your clothes smell, I’ve noticed even my hair smells of smoke the day after a night out.

Over crowding
I’m assuming the general theory is get as many people in so more drinks can be sold, this to me is really a bad thing, I like to be able to walk from one part of the room to another without having to force my way through, and when you reach the bar its almost impossable to actually get through the last crowd as they’re all waiting to be served by the over worked barstaff. Whats worse is if somehow you end up on the dance floor you actualyl dont have to make any effort to dance because your getting pushed and shoved that much by all the other sardines that it looks like your dancing.
My solution to this annoyance would be to just not go in, but everywheres going to be like that really, so something that could be done is limiting the amount of people allowed into each bar or club to a lower number than the current limit so that everyone has a bit of space and the barstaff can actually manage to serve them faster. The other option is to make all bars and clubs bigger to make the extra space and hire more staff.

Excessivly loud (usually bad) Music
Ok the music being bad’s something I have to put up with, but why does it have to be played so loud? I have nothing against loud music I often play my music so loud I can’t hear myself sing to it(thats why I play it loud). What I dont understand is why bars ahve to play it so loud that to order a drink you have to shout directly into the barstaffs ear and then guess what it is their asking you and how much the order was (displays on tills come in useful there).
I’m not saying to turn the music off, or to play more music I like (this isn’t likely in the dance oriented night life), just turn the volume down so its possable to communicate.

Smokey Atmosphere
Why do none-smokers have to come home after a night out smelling asif they’d been smoking themselves?
Maybe we shold go the way Ireland has and ban smoking, but if thats not going to happen much better ventilation should be in place to take the smokey air away and replace it with fresh cool air – its usually hot because of the overcrowding.
I know people that smoke and if they want to then thats up to them, but when they’re round someone elses house that doesnt smoke, they usually go outside to do it, so surely on a night out theres nothing stopping them doing the same (apart from obviously no one else does)?

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