Don't Get Viruses

by on Dec.16, 2004, under Tech Tips

Ok the title sounds a bit obvious, but if you want to keep your system running you have to keep it safe.
So… as viruses now pray on the unprotected unwary and usually low computer literate, but sometimes even geeks get cought out, so heres a short guide on how to protect yourself.

Assuming you have a clean system, either brand new or rebuilt DO NOT connect to the internet unprotected, trust me,I tried upgrading to sp2 without a firewall, got some variant of blaster I assume, as the computer kept rebooting, but as there was nothing on it I just started again and made sure I firewalled it before I connected.
The first two things you should do before you connect a computer to the internet for the first time (or even a network) is install some up to date antivirus software, and a good firewall (the windows one is good enough to start with). If you plan on using downloadable protection dwnload if from a another computer and burn it to a cd you can install from.

Once on-line download all updates available for your antivrus, operating system and firewall. and KEEP these up to date. If you fall behind on updates you risk being open to exploits.

There are a few free for home use anti virus systems, a couple are Avast and AVG

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