Why I hate Shopping

by on Jan.26, 2005, under Rant

So I need to go shopping for a couple of birthday presents and cards, how hard can that be?

Lets start at the very beginning, actually leaving to go shopping.
You’re thinking thats the easy bit, but there’s so many other things I’d rather do, like maybe wireing a plug with wet hands while the powers still on. So once I’ve found my shoes, wallet and car keys, its time to leave, obviously finding everything’s a pain because they’re never where I left them and definatly never together or even in the same room.

So I’m driving into town taking the least direct route possable to avoid all the roadworks that seem to be on all the main routes into town, and yet even thoguht I’ve done my best its almost garenteed that I’m going to get stuck in a queue at some road works.

I’m finally past the roadworks and now its time to park, its just cost me about £5 in petrol because the stupid counsil cant organise the roadworks to cause minimum disruption, so I obviously don’t want to pay to park, but no THEY decided that the free parking that was provided for 2 hours should be paid for now, but you can still only stay for up to 2 hours you just have to pay for the privilage. So after driving round for another 10 minutes to find somewhere I can park for free thats half way back home leaving a long walk into town.

Right I’ve managed to park and walked into town, I don’t know how anyone actualyl gets arround without a million collisions becasue everyone’s walking slow and in different directions and no one gives way!
Everyones impatient and in a rush to get their business done as its far more important than anyone elses, but they all walk really slow and when I go to pass them there’s some impolite comming the other way that expects me to give way, I can’t remember the last time someone got out of my way.
Then actaully entering the shops or shopping centers, no one holds the doors for the people behind them anymore, so you have to catch the door thats just been slammed in your face to get in.

Once in a shop and browsing the shelves for that perfect gift, theres people barging their way past behind and infront as if I wasn’t even there, or maybe they expect me to see them and get out of their way.

So I’ve chosen something to buy, and want to pay for it so go looking for the checkouts, these are easy to find most of the time, but unfortunatly the end of the queue isn’t, you find what may be the end but noits just a gap that the ones behind havnt filled because someone that looked like they were in the queue was actaully just looking at the display they passed and blocking everyone else.

I’ve reached the till, if I’m lucky theres a nice lass working behind it, pay for too easily, I can’t remember the last time my signature matched the siganture on my card (its not far off but if I had to compare them I’d pick fault), yet when it is checked its never questioned.

Everythign paid for and bagged up in separeate bages per store, what a waste of bags, you’re not even offered the opportunity to turn them down anymore your stuffs just bagged up. All the smalled bags get put into the biggest as its much easier to carry.

Back out into the river of bodies, dodging people to get back out of the main shopping area and the long walk back to the car and the long sit at all the roadworks on the way home.

So to generalise, people are stupid, crowds of people are worse, and crowds of people shopping are arrogant, ignorant and impolite.
I hate people and therfore shopping. Its so much easier online.

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