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by on Jan.30, 2005, under Rant

This also applies to computer games to a lesser extent.
Does this really have any meaning anymore?
Ok so the cinemas shouldnt let you in if you don tlook old enough n the shops shoudlnt sell to you, but a little makeup n dressing right n kids can look old enough to get into pubs and clubs so obviously they’ll have no problems with movies. And even if they cant make themsolves look old enough getting someone else to do the buying’s usually easy enough.

So what do we have?
U – Universal, anyone can watch , probaly nothing in this that could cause offence.
Uc – Again anyone can watch but its aimed at children, and if childrens tv’s anything to go by adults wont understand whats goin on.
PG – Parental guidance, anyone can see this too but young children shold be acompanied by an adult and its up to their parents to decide if its suitable.
12 – Only over 12’s should be alowed to see this.
12a – Again only over 12’s but under 12’s can see it with an adult, is this a replacmetn for PG?
15 – Only over 15s
18 – Only over 18s
I’ve heared of R or X rated movies but I’ve never seen one (can’t say I’ve looked either) I think they’re a myth.

I guess the biggest question is how do they decide if a film is suitable for a certain age group, and why 12, 15 and 18?
Is it just me or are standards slipping too, I’m sure movies are being classified lower than they would have been 10 years ago (when I wasn’t really old enough to see a 15).

Back to my original point, that the certification is now meaningless, we live in a society where media piracy is common, if you know the right poeple, the right websites, or have the right program, you can download a good copy of almost anything now or buy it for much less, so anyone can get anything now if they want it so its up to the parents to decide whats suitable, some wont even know whats been watched at a friends house, so how do we stop kids watching movies they shouldnt see?

Now they’re adding to the cirtification a content description saying how much bad language, nudity and violence are in the film. So great helps you decide it its suitable or if you want to watch it, this is probably better than the age system as that doesnt give any idea of why its been classified as it has.

A little about how easy it is to get an 18 certificate product, I remember back when Doom 2 came out I wanted it and was given it for Christmas I think it was, this game had an 18 cirtificate at the time and I’m sure I may not have been 15 then, well that was easy, I asked for it and got it.
Well now I have Doom 3, its much more realistic loking, the horror element is there, I have been scared by this game, and this carries an 18 certificate, dont get me wrong I think Doom 3 deserves to have any 18 certificate but did Doom 2 as now it probably wouldnt get more than a 12.

Those people that say this product should be banned because its too violent are getting it wrong, its not the product that needs baning its the people that shouldnt be watching or playing it that should be banned from it. If you want to blame computer games and movies for the violence we get nowadays go ahead, but I’ve been playing computer games with varying level of violence since I was 7 and have seen plenty of violent movies now. I especially like cutting my enemies apart with a chainsaw or heavey machine gun, and watching explosions(see the pretty colours), but I have yet to go on a killing spree outside of my games. Games and movies just give people ideas not the motivation to act, that comes from their upbringing and enveronment.

To better enforce age limitations maybe everyone should be tagged at birth and then components in computers or dvd players can detect the age of the person using them and just not work if they’re tring something they’re not old enough to do. But the privacy people are already complaining about rfid tags on food, because manufactures can track that can of spam you bought all the way from the shop to the land fill site the tin ends up in, they’re abviously going to complain about compulsary tagging of people if they’re not already.

Anyway I’ve gone way off topic what was I talking about?

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