Cold Calling Mobile Phones Salesmen

by on Jul.04, 2005, under Rant

Your mobile rings, its a withheld number, have to answer incase its actually someone important, but no its someone calling from mobile phone company X trying to sell you a new contract to get a free phone or upgrade.

Ok its nice to know I can get a free phone, but when its a free upgrade on my existing contract what do they get out of it?
If they sell you a new contract then fine they probably get commision, but I used to get calls on my old number a contract pay as you go, they offer you a free phone to get you interested and when they find out I didn’t pay line rental they realised theyre not going to be able to sell me a £25 a month contract, and thats the end of the call.

The latest is the “are you aware you can get a free upgrade after a year”, my responce was yes I got one a couple of months ago, and the sales mans gone.

I know they have to make a living, but do they really have to sell me somthing I already have and can get myself. I really don’t see any point in sales calls, if I want something I’ll go out and get it, I dont need someone to call me with the intention of convinsing me I need something I dont want or need.

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