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by on Aug.09, 2005, under Rant

I’ve stumbled across the quiz chanel that Phil got hooked on, it seems interesting they show you a puzzle you phone in to give your answer, if you get on air with the right answer you get money, the longer the puzzles up the more moneys added to the prize, then occasionally they throw in prizes just for getting on air, garenteed money all you have to do is get through, doesn’t matter if you have the wrong answer.
On top of that they have a decent size jackpot that you can play to win, various games to get that too.

Well that all sounds like easy money, you call in with the right answer you get a prize, calls cost 75p and I suspect if you dont get selected you get disconnected

Get enough calls at that price and they’re paying for the prizes, This is obviously the only way they’re making money because I didn’t see any adverts, which I guess is fine as its just like the lottery.

So the formula is have a simple looking puzzle on screen ahve your viewers call in with their answers and the first one selected with the right answer wins the money, sounds fine to me.

As this is a rant obviously I have soemthing against it, sometimes they play against a clock and take a call a minute this is fine apart from the aparent random nature of selecting when a call gets through, but other times they dont have a time limit and there might be 10 minutes between calls where the presenters just padding out time, and unless theres no calls comming in I’d suspect they’re stalling till they have enough calls connected to pay their wages.

Apart from not being able to take what should be an endless stream of calls practically back to back, the puzzles them selves seem to be unfathomable and theres not much explanation as to how to reach the correct answer.

A simple one I saw 4+5×6-?=29, whats the missing number is it a:7, b:5, c:25, d:3, this went in 3 calls but took over half an hour I was supprised it didn’t go on the first one as the answer seems obvious to me, I coudl even see the mistake the first two callers made in guessing the answer was 25 rather than the 5 it really is. Ok the calls wer a few minutes apart so maybe caller 2 didnt hear the first answer as they both guessed the same thing. This was then followed by a extremly simple spot the difference. which is when I turned it off.
Later they had a simple looking cont the diamonds they show a pile of cards 4/5 are diamponds and maybe 1 is hearts and you have to count the diamonds, this is harder, do they want value of the cards, or the total number of diamonds, or do they want the total number od diamonds including ones that are made by the eedges of cards, or maybe its just the visible ones. on th eone I say the value of the diamonds was 21 the total amount I counted to be 31, but people phoned in guessing over 100, how do they come up with these numbers? And where to the answers to the questions come from?

I definatly wont be calling in to try to win as it sounds far too difficult to get through and then the answers are so obscure theres almost no chance of getting the right answer.

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