Norton Sucks

by on Aug.21, 2005, under Rant

Ok I cant believe this, I’ve had a few problems with Norton, that once its installed after a while it starts trying to repair its installation, fair enough if it was actually able to do that but it doesn’t support the repair option, and just throws an error saying to reinstall it.

So I reinstall it and after some time it breaks again, so after I’ve done this so many times its just getting stupid I’m thinking someone else must have had this problem, and a quick google returned this page Message: “Norton AntiVirus 2005 does not support the repair feature…”
so I click the link and there it is the solution to all my problems, the last item after the reinstall is that if you move the program group in your start menu it breaks it!
So I install it, I’m not given a choice of where to put its program group(that I can remember) I decide to tidy up a little grouping security based programs and all that and Norton breaks, simply recreate the folder and that’s it problem solved.
That seems the most stupid thing to cause a program to break, that its short cuts been moved, oh my god that must be a disaster, I’m sure it must be something todo with protecting the program but that seems just a little excessive, maybe a dialogue warning me that I’ve moved them and asking me where I put them? or even allow it to repair itself! rather than force a reinstall for those that don’t know what broke it.

Maybe I should abandon Norton and move onto Avast as its free and I’ve not had any problems when I tested it.

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