Free up some server disk space by deleting IIS logs

by on Sep.02, 2005, under Tech Tips

IF your server is running out of disk space, its worth having a look to see if IIS is logging all access, if it is and your server has been running a while theres a good chance that the log files have been mounting up and taking up most your space, I’ve just looked at a server thats been logging for about 2 years and clocked up 6Gb of logs.

These are completely safe to remove, however it is recommended to move them to a backup location incase you decide you need them. I know some stats packages directly analyse the logs whilst Awstats reads the logs and creates its own data file from them so once its read them it doesnt need them anymore.

slightly more information and suggestions can be found at Deleting IIS logs in C:\WINNT\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC1

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