Trip switches and blind parents

by on Oct.19, 2005, under Rant

I think our trip switches in the fuse box are a little sensitive they seem to trip whenever a bulb blows, thankfully it only effects the lights and upstairs is separate to downstairs.
As you can imaging its pretty dark with no lights on at the minute, so what does my mam do, she switches a light on, common sense really.
Fizz bang, the bulb blows and downstairs is plumeted into darkness.
My mam – completely blind in the dark and doesnt knwo how to flick a switch anyway.
My dad, obviously blind in the dark too as he went to open the toilet door instead of the cupboard door the fuse box is in.
So they both troup upstairs to find a torch and pass me on the stairs comming from my 180Watt well lit room on the way down.
As I can barely even see my dad on the stairs in his light clothes due to my eyes being used to the glare in my room, and going by how much trouble they had it should be pretty hard for me to find the fuse box n flick the right switch.
I get to the bottom of the stairs and walk stright to the small white door under the stairs, open the door, move the clotheshorse thing that I can see is in the way of the cover on the fuse box, pull down the cover find the right switch and flick it back into the on position.
Oh look lights are back on. And I did all that without a torch or any other light source.
Why is this so difficult for them to do?
Why am I so much better in the dark than them? Don’t they say carrots help you see in the dark? Whos been putting carrots in my food?
Why do I seem to be the only person in the house capable of dealing with all the electronics we have? I can’t even wire a plug!

I can’t explain it but I seem to be the only person in the house without a light addiction, whats the point in turning a light on to walk on the stairs when you’ve walked them a million times before..

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