Sick of Words Spelling and Grammar colours

by on Nov.30, 2005, under Rant

I really want to change these colours to ones that actually mean something to me, but there apears to be no option for it.
Being colourblind doesnt usually bother me as a developer, you just give me colour codes and I use them, or you get what I think looks good if I have to do anything arty.

But this really bugs me, maybe more so than people asking me to to use made up colours “can you use mauve or burnt sienna” neither of these colours mean anything as I deal with primary and secondary colours then I probably wont know what your on about, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, black and white. Any other colours goignt o be a bit hard to describe as I probably wont see it like you do anyway.

Sorry I got side tracked, the colours word uses to say I’ve made a spelling or grammar mistake of which there are lots, are red and green, but they both have roughly the same brightness, and the lines are very thin, theres just not enough line to decide what colour it is. Fair enough if the entier sentence is underlines its pretty obvious that its a grammar error, but sometimes it just underlines words that it thinks I should change to something else which is annoying because I know they’re spelt right. or they’re spelt wrong so in red, and then after correcting them it becomes a grammar error so underlined in green which looks red but how can it be another spelling error if its just corrected it.

Its just annoying that I dont know at a glance what the problem is, I actually have to stop and find out.
I dont want microsoft to change the default colours I jsut want an option to change them myself, and I’m sure there are pleanty of people out there that want different colours either becasue they cant see the difference or just because they want things to be different.

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