This exercise things hard work

by on Dec.09, 2005, under Rant

Theres just no fun in runing on the spot for half an hour, what do you acheive other than tiring yourself out? Its not as if you get anywhere, the only gym activity I’ve tried that you actually get anywhere is swimming but thats only about 20m away from where you started then you have to turn back and you finish off where you started so didnt actually get anywhere again.
It all seems like a lot of effort to not actaully gain anything. Ok yes you get fitter but the more you do it the easier it gets so you have to do more to get the same benifit, it all gets too repetative and boring.

But I have to go another 9 times before Christmas, to make room for all the weight I’ll put on and prepare my legs for my snowboarding holiday. I’ve set myself a target and I guess thats about al I have to motivate me, I want to be able to swim atleast 2km by Christmas and hopefully the few times I actually use the gym will reflect the extra fitness I’m getting from swimming.
Its still a bit boting as the scenery doesnt change much 2km is 100 lengths of the pool, I’m currently only at 40 lengths today, and that took nearly half an hour, I’m hoping I swim faster as I get fitter too.

Surely theres an easier more fun way to get fit? But exercise is no fun on your own and most my friends have turned into gym drones, and its cold outside now so I guess until it warms up I’ll have to be a drone myself and put up with the monotony of it all.

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