Overnight Live Big brother

by on Jan.09, 2006, under Rant

Whats the point?

Seriously once theyre asleep whats the point in showing them sleep? Do people actually sit and watch them for hours incase someone turns over and falls out of bed?

Or maybe they’re hoping someone will sleepwalk?

Highlight shows are fine, you get all the best bits, the live daytime shows maybe not as good but atleast something will be happening. But why do they bother showing them sleep, you get a black and white image of a bed or the bedroom or empty parts of the house and all you can here is them snoring, they really should just loop the highlights or maybe even a cartoon, and when something interesting starts to happen switch back to the live cameras.

No I didn’t intentionally put big brother on this morning, someone had left the tv tuned to E4, so I got to see a bed snoring for a few seconds before I changed the channel.

And surely someone sleeping when you have to get ready to go to work must be the most annoying thing they could put on tv

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