How much does a free item cost?

by on Jan.14, 2006, under Rant

Well according to the mobile phone companies about £20 a month! How is that free? Oh but you get a free phone and 500 free minutes and however many texts and we’ll give you half price for the first 6 months, then its full price for the next 12, so that’s £300 for my free phone and free minutes.

So how is that free? if they’re offering something free they should be willing to give it away without tying you into a contract that’ll set you back £300 as that £300 probably more than covers the cost of the “free” phone and the “free” airtime which is what the contract pays for!

The basic cold call from the phone company (T Mobile if anyone’s interested) probably calling from India so they’re just reading a script and can’t react to things they don’t understand (eg Simon’s two baked been cans on a string when he was asked what he uses as a phone, this call got passed up to the supervisor who still couldn’t follow), sorry got side tracked the basic call goes something like this:

[them] how would you like something for nothing or you’ve been selected for a free phone
[me] ok
[them] this will only cost you £xx a month
[me] how’s that free?
[them] you get all these nice things for free
[me] but its not free
[them] but you get all these things for free
[me] hangup

Yes thats not the exact words as first they asked for Mr Shutt, we have 2 live here and a Mister Shutt that’s probably still registered here so do they even know who they want?

When did free stop meaning free? Free things used to cost nothing, you were just given them, or they were given as a bonus for buying something not as the main selling point of what they’re trying to sell you.

I know here’s a freebie for you, I’l give you a free mention on my website all you have to do is make a substantial donation to me, say maybe £100? Any takers?

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