Spaghetti Bolognaise

by on Apr.21, 2006, under Food

Last night I decided I’d cook a meal, but you cant cook for one so had to invite a couple of friends over.
So my choice something simple so chilli or spaghetti. As Helen doesn’t like spicy, the obvious choice is spaghetti, but as she doesn’t like garlic either, she missed out on the garlic bread that I cooked very professionally , but Simon helped eat that so no problem there.

The ingredients

  • Half an onion, it was quite large, and I don’t like onion, was stinging my eyes too so didn’t fancy chopping the other half
  • Just 1 clove of garlic, to be nice to Helen but it still needs some
  • 500g of mince, I used pork because that’s what was in the house, but I don’t like beef anyway.
  • 2 rashers of smoky bacon, don’t know what type it was, wasn’t much fat on it and that’s all there was left in the pack that needed using
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes.
  • some oregano
  • some basil
  • a splash of Worcestershire source
  • oh n some oil to fry in

So I started by chopping the onion quite fine, with a mostly blunt knife so it wasn’t as fine as I wanted, and I think the knife was a left handed one too as it wouldn’t cut how I wanted it to. Then smashed and chopped the garlic into itty bitty pieces.
Last thing to cut was the bacon, into small strips so they cook fast.

Heat up the pan, and throw the bacon in, no oil becasue its a none stick pan and there was enough fat and juices to cook in. Once the bacon was browned thew in the onions and cooked them a little till some browned then adde the garlic. and watched Helen run out the kitchen becasue the garlic chose that point to give off its aroma.

After a little time in the pan, I bunged the mince on and let that brown off, or as it was pork, get lighter and trun grey, it looked cooked anyway. Poor in the tomatoes and add the herbs and wostershire source. Oh and some tomatoe puree that I missed of the ingredients.

Gave that a while to warm through and simmer while the pasta, and garlic bread are cooking.
After about 20 mins of cooking the source had dried up a bit much, I should really have topped it up with some pasata (tomatoe source stuff) to keep it going, but I didn’t so it was a little dryer than I’d planned.

All the recipes I’d seen said to cook for about an hour, well I was hungry so we had it after 20 mins, and it still tasted nice No complaints about their being garlic in because you couldn’t taste it, but we did get portions slightly too big, it might have nicely gone round 4 but there was 3 of us.

Followed by a very nice chocolate sponge pudding with chocolate source over it

All in all a good meal

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